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Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads

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Facebook launches Hyper Local Ads Targeted To People Within A Mile Of A Business. With the launch of latest Local search ads which is called hyper-local advertising that could convince people to visit stores they’re nearby. You can see the nearby store in radius of one mile.Advertisers can set a radius as small as a mile and the ads will show up on people’s phones or web browsers. These new Local Awareness ads will be available for US business owners in a few weeks, and around the globe in the next several months.
Now with over 1 billion mobile users, many of which give Facebook access to their location, many other desktop users where Facebook use their current city or can be located by IP address, Facebook has the data it needs to make hyper-local ads a reality. This is has real-time location on some users in the US thanks to its recently launched ambient proximity feature Nearby Friends.
As per official launch of Facebook’s mobile ad network and last months launch of its web ad network, the Facebook keeps focus of more money out new ways.