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Free Internet life time validity with Datawind Smartphone before Diwali

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Datawind a Canadian based telecom company will launched latest cheap Anfroid based smartphone in market as per the latest rumours. This smartphone will be will available before Diwali at the price of 2000 with free life time internet on this phone. The company said the device will be based on Android and have 3.5-inch display. Datawind currently has three smartphones and 5 tablets under its portfolio and is selling 40,000-50,000 devices every month. The company is now widely known for its development of the Aakash, tablet computer, globally dubbed as the world’s cheapest tablet developed for Indian Govt.

“We are looking forward to launch our Rs. 2,000 smartphone and few other devices before Diwali and intent is to double our sales by the end of this calender year,” Datawind Executive Vice President Rupinder Singh said here.

He added the company is in talks with 3 telecom operators for the free lifetime Internet offer but refused to divulge more details as the deal is yet to be finalized.

Asked about manufacturing in the country, Singh said the company has aggressive plans but did not mention any timeline for implementation.